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Tracking your Travels

I like maps.  I’ve always liked maps.  I could look at them for hours.  So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we have a big wall map of the United States to keep track of where we’ve been.  We put a pin in all the places we’ve been.  You can buy map pins at any office supply store.  They look like straight pins for sewing, but are a little shorter and have a bigger ball on the end.

But I’m not the only one who loves the map–our entire family does, the kids as much as the parents.  We use it for planning trips too.  The map we have has highways on it, so it’s great for plotting out routes for multi-state trips.

I also have a spreadsheet on my computer that I use to keep track of which states each family member has been to.  But it’s just not as much fun as the map!

I was excited to see that one of my advertisers is having a sale on wall maps this month.  If you’d like to get one for your family, click on this link and don’t forget to use the code!

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I can’t remember where we bought our wall map.  I was thoroughly impressed at the selection that has.  (As an aside–they aren’t paying me to write this post, although I will get a small percentage if you buy from them using the link above.  I really do try to find advertisers whose products I can honestly recommend.)  They have the laminated-type that we have, or they have other choices like adhesive-backed or paper.  Our laminated map works just fine in our computer room, but they also have mounted and framed maps, more suitable for a living room.  What they don’t have is map wallpaper.  I recently saw some map wallpaper on Pinterest and was thinking that I needed that somewhere in my house.

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4 comments to Tracking your Travels

  • A map is a great visual reminder of all the places that your family has traveled!

  • There’s something about a wall map. isn’t there? In the age of GPS and smartphone, nothing beats a map you hang on the wall. This is a great blog! I, too, take my kids everywhere. I have traveled far and wide, but now live and travel along the East Coast of the United States. Most of it is “history” travel, as opposed to the natural wonders I used to encounter out west, but we love it! I’m signing up to follow you via email.

    • Terri

      Yes there is! I’m so glad you like my blog and are subscribing. Thanks! I’m going to go check out yours now.

      • I just started it recently, and I’m a better photographer than writer, but I am in the game nonetheless. Hopefully I will get better at it. What’s important is the travel. :) -Regards