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Make family vacation dreams come true with affordable lodging

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Whether your family craves magical adventure rides, learning from hands-on exhibits or tackling the great outdoors, you can find a city within the 50 States that will satisfy your hankerings. The friendly folks at have identified family vacation destinations that are chock full of adventure and yet have nearby lodging that’s easy on the budget!

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Live the Fantasy

In Orlando, Florida, your family can really slip the bonds of the everyday world! Loaded with state-of-the-art theme parks, visitors can enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, ride through the galaxy […]

3 Tips for picking a hotel for your Washington, D.C. family vacation

3 Tips for Choosing a Hotel for your Washington, D.C. Vacation


With so many of Washington, D.C.’s attractions being free, most of the expense of a D.C. vacation ends up being lodging.  That might give the average family more room in the budget for a nice hotel.  With over a hundred hotels to choose from, I was ever so overwhelmed with all the options. I spent hours reading guidebooks, online reviews, and travel forums, trying to decide where to stay. I concluded that highly rated hotels that are perfect for business travelers might not be the best option for a family on vacation. Since this is a website devoted […]

DC – Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Statue

In 2011, a memorial to honor one of the greatest orators and Civil Rights champions in American history, Martin Luther King, Jr., opened to the public in the National Mall area of Washington, D.C. The memorial is significant because it is only the fourth memorial in the National Mall area to honor a non-President, and the first to honor an African American.

What I love about the design of this memorial is that it is based on the very words of Dr. King. In the picture above, you can see the representation of a mountain to the left behind […]