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Idaho – Teton Valley, giant potatoes, and huckleberry milkshakes

Spud Drive-in Potato (640x480)

On a trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, we found ourselves close enough to the Idaho border that we just needed to cross the border and cross another state off our list. We knew that we wanted to see the other side of the Grand Teton mountains, but we weren’t sure what else we would find. As we were journeying over the mountains, we got sidetracked for a little while at the beautiful Teton Pass, just five miles from the border. After a nice little hike there, we eventually made it into Idaho.

We stopped at a […]

North Dakota – Roadside Attractions

North Dakota sunflowers

On our trip out west last year, we began to appreciate just how vast this country is. And we also discovered the fun of visiting quirky roadside attractions. They provided a much-needed break from driving and a reason to get out and stretch your legs. Stopping to snap a few pictures doesn’t take much time, but it does provide lots of amusement. After a few stops, we were hooked and began to seek out these fun stops along the road.

My first picture doesn’t quite fit into the category of “quirky”, but it was definitely a roadside stop. In North […]