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Alaska – Anchorage Lightspeed Planet Walk

Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk - Earth

We’ve all seen models of our solar system before, but I had not seen anything like the Lightspeed Planet Walk until we visited Anchorage, Alaska. Not only was the model made to scale, but the scale was selected such that a leisurely walking pace matches that of the speed of light. That means that it takes a person about eight minutes to walk from the model of the sun to the model of the Earth, just like it takes about eight minutes for light to travel from the real sun to Earth.

The place to start is the corner […]

Alaska – North Pole

World's Largest Santa North Pole Alaska

One city in Alaska celebrates Christmas all year round. Situated 13 miles southeast of Fairbanks, North Pole is an easy, must-see side trip for families visiting Fairbanks. The city’s motto is “Where the Spirit of Christmas Lives Year Round.” The streets of North Pole have appropriate names, including Santa Claus Lane, Saint Nicholas Drive, Snowman Lane, Kris Kringle Drive, Mistletoe Drive, North Star Drive, Blitzen Drive, and Donner Drive. The darling street lamps all look like candy canes.

The big attraction in North Pole is the Santa Claus House, an oh-so-cute shop filled with everything Christmas.

Inside, you […]

Alaska – Iditarod Trail Race Headquarters

Sled dog pup 2 (600x800)

One of the best parts about travel is the opportunity to learn about other places and customs first hand through new experiences. I can’t think of a better way to learn about dog sledding than by meeting some sled dogs. Our visit to the headquarters of the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race in Wasilla was one of the highlights of our trip to Alaska last summer.

The small museum is a good place to start. A short film gives an overview of the Iditarod Trail Race and the museum houses displays with memorabilia from past races. You can also […]