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New England – Six Activities for Six States

New England has much to see and now is a good time to talk about some fun things you can do in each state, just in time for the spring when many of the region’s holiday companies will be putting together deals and trips for the upcoming vacation season. This post was provided and sponsored by Holiday Hypermarket.

New England

Image by Ben Ramirez, used under Creative Commons license

So, what can you do in New England? Here are six suggestions for these six glorious states.


We all love cycling, and it’s something that we can all do quite easily in New England. Thanks to the abundance of cycle trails in the area, as well as numerous old railway tracks that have become must-see cycle havens, cycling in New England is simple, fun and lets you see more of the great outdoors. Head to Maine for some truly beautiful cycle paths and exceptional views.


When you live in a big city, you don’t see lighthouses on a regular basis, but New England has over 150, which fit perfectly because of the region’s 6,000 miles of scenic coastline. Children will love exploring the lighthouses of Rhode Island and New Hampshire, so get ready to do a lot of climbing!

Whale Watch Tours

The great thing about having all that coastline is that there are plenty of opportunities to go whale watching in May through October. Head to Boston and Rhode Island for some great whale watching time, and challenge your kids to name the types of whale they see, such as Humpback and Finke.

Covered Bridges

During our trip to Vermont, we saw many covered bridges, and the kids loved being driven across them! They give you a brief trip back in time, and some of the oldest ones in the country can be found in Connecticut.

Boat Trips

One sure-fire way to ensure that your children get their sea legs is to go on one of the many boat trips in the area, and let them sail the high seas in style and safety. You can choose to scoot across to Boston, or visit a tranquil island getaway just off Maine for a day of adventure, just remember to pack travel sickness pills in case of a bumpy ride.

Living History Museums

Most kids think museums are boring, but a trip to New England’s living museums, featuring staff in seasonal costumes and historical re-enactments will change their minds. Pay particular attention to the Mayflower II in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts for some educational fun.


With all that coastline, there are lots of beaches you can relax on, so why not have a quiet day and chill out on Connecticut’s Calf Pasture Beach or Westport’s Sherwood Island State Park?

There are so many things to do in New England that you may have too many choices, but think about where you want to head to first and you should be able to get some ideas from the tourist board and holiday companies in the areas you’re going.

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