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Kid Friendly Road Trip Songs | Family Road Trip Tips

Kid Friendly Road Trip Songs

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Planning a road trip is a great way to spend time with the family, but keeping the kids occupied during the ride can be a challenge. And while portable DVD players, tablet computers and MP3 players can be helpful distractions, they can also isolate kids from everyone else in the car. Another way to pass the time is to listen and sing along to road trip songs. Everyone can be involved, and it’ll make the trip fly by. Here are a few suggestions for kid friendly songs to listen to on your family road trip.

Disney songs: Chances are your young children have a couple favorite Disney movies. Pick up the soundtracks to a few on CD and keep them in your vehicle for go-to road trip music. The goal of searching for kid friendly road trip songs is to find something that adults can enjoy too, and Disney movie soundtracks can often deliver. The songs are catchy and well-written without being too simple or childish. You may even experience some nostalgia from listening to classic Disney songs from your youth.

Classic children’s songs: You don’t necessarily need a recording to enjoy a road trip song. If you have very young children, sing-along songs like ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ ‘London Bridge,’ ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and other nursery rhymes will do when you can’t find a recording that everyone enjoys.

Adult friendly kid songs: A lot of children’s music is difficult for adults to listen to, but there are exceptions. A writer on suggests Jack Johnson’s soundtrack from the movie Curious George, and the children’s album No! by They Might Be Giants. When one of your favorite adult music groups or artists writes an album of children’s songs, it can be a win-win for your next family road trip.

Movie soundtracks: Family bonding during a road trip is great, but sometimes it’s nice if the kids fall asleep for a few hours. Since movie soundtracks are meant to act as a background to scenes, they are often unobtrusive and soothing to listen to. Soundtracks to movies like Garden State can provide a relaxing mood that you’ll enjoy and will make your kids drift off to sleep. Just be careful not to nod off yourself.

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