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Please visit this article on the new website: Montana – Glacier National Park’s Hidden Lake Trail

Montana – Glacier National Park’s Hidden Lake Trail

Probably the highlight of any trip to Glacier National Park is the unforgettable drive on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  Logan Pass is the point of highest elevation of the drive and also marks the Continental Divide.  Near there is the Logan Pass Visitor Center.  From the visitor center, you can hike to Hidden Lake, which, as the name suggests, is a lake that you can’t see from the visitor center.  The hike is mostly uphill and about 1.5 miles, a good length for most school-age kids.  It was easier for my kids than for me.  It might be too long for most pre-schoolers.  The hike ends at an overlook of the lake.  Check out the fabulous view.

Aside from the lake itself, the highlights of the hike are spectacular mountain views and wildlife sightings.  Just look at these views.  Amazing, aren’t they?

We spotted several different animals on our hike.  My kids get really excited about wildlife sightings.   Here’s a mountain goat:













He didn’t seem to be bothered by people and just sat there.  Here he is up close.










We also saw some bighorn sheep.










And I think this is a hoary marmot.










And I can’t remember what this one is.  Even my son, who took a class in Mammalogy, can’t remember what it is.   Do you know what it is?

5 comments to Montana – Glacier National Park’s Hidden Lake Trail

  • Marcella Louke

    Glacier National Park is GORGEOUS–picture perfect everywhere you look! Did you happen to take a dip in Iceberg Lake? Many Glacier Lodge was our starting point. I dipped my toe in, our daughter took a real plunge!

  • IA Designer

    the furry rodent is likely a marmot.

    • Terri

      IA Designer – thanks! You are correct. I emailed the folks at Glacier National Park and they confirmed it was a hoary marmot. I had remembered it being quite a bit larger than the other hoary marmot and thought it was a different type of animal.

  • Marcella Louke

    Thought it might be a “Fisher”?