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Everybody’s Gone Cruising, Cruising USA

The US is famous for the great American road trip, but cruises are one of the few vacations that parents and kids alike enjoy equally.  I’m happy to share this post which was provided by and sponsored by CruiseDeals.

The sheer amount of things to do on board means the kids never get bored in the back of the car (in fact, they’re not even in the back of a car!). Plus, since there aren’t many places for them to get lost, parents can have alone time in peace. Best of all, you hardly have to plan if you book a last minute cruise. Here are some of the highlights of cruising USA:

Oh the places you’ll go!

One of the biggest benefits of a cruise is that families can travel and see many sights inexpensively. While you’re not going to be able to spend as much time these destinations as one would like, the savings are worth the trade-off. This rings especially true once you factor in the cost saved to feed each person, as food on a cruise ship is usually included.

One of the top last minute cruise destinations is Hawaii and its surrounding islands. It’s close by, and the family gets to take in the natural beauty of places like Honolulu and Oahu. Watching the sun slowly set behind Diamond Head Mountain is incomparable. Makes you feel privileged to be American!

There’s fun to be had and points to be scored

Normally, we Americans like to sit around a ball game or gather at Thanksgiving and bond with each other, but a cruise is also a fine opportunity to do it. With all the activities around, it’s not hard to find something that everybody enjoys. Nightly shows are a staple of cruises, from high-flying acrobats (impressive in itself since you’re on a ship!) to juggling magicians. Depending on the ship you’re on, there might be mini golf courses, water slides, or even a skydiving simulator (hey, this is USA, after all!).

Image by Jonathan Silverberg, used under Creative Commons license.

Image by Jonathan Silverberg, used under Creative Commons license.

For a more unique experience, there are the shore excursions — and the chance to give the whole family something to remember. One of the most popular destinations is San Diego, California. Families can experience the birthplace of California and see why it’s been called “America’s finest city”. If your family is the adrenaline-seeking kind, there are plenty of activities such as zip lining or parasailing. Don’t say that you wouldn’t love to see Mom zip lining!

You’ll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go

At the end of the day, a cruise allows the whole family to come together. As any parent can attest, kids grow up too fast, and once your youth is gone it’s gone. The simple thrill of a water slide does wonders in bringing a family together. It’s all about the shared experiences, the ones that you can look back fondly upon and chat about. Years later you’ll love hearing that, “remember when….”

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