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Happenings in the first half of 2018

2018 Client vacation photos

I started 2018 with the best of intentions. I had planned to write at least one blog post a month. January – check. February – check. And then came March Madness. I don’t mean the NCAA Basketball tournament, although the similarities are striking.

My middle child, Corinne, had applied to several different graduate schools. Most of the schools that accepted her offered an all-expenses-paid visit weekend. Between our family vacation and her grad school visits, she visited 17 states in a four-month period! Several of the visits were during the month of March and I was keeping track of her […]

A peek inside a travel writer’s office

Completely organized travel files

If you’re a subscriber to my site, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve really slowed down in new posts in the last few months. Part of that is by design: as a mom with school-aged kids, I prefer to do most of our travel in the summer and most of my writing during the school year. But I’ve got a few more excuses. A couple are good ones: my new book was released in the spring and I’ve been busy promoting it. Another good excuse is that our family has grown temporarily. We welcomed Ellen, a foreign exchange student from Taiwan, […]

Passports with Purpose 2013 – Bourbon Country Gift Basket


I am excited to participate in this year’s Passports with Purpose Program. Since this is the first time I’ve participated in the program, I want to explain what it is all about. The travel blogging community has come together to use our influence to raise money to help others. This year’s funds will be used to build schools in Africa. But we’re not just asking for donations; we’re giving away prizes! It works something like a raffle. The participating bloggers work with sponsors to obtain prizes. For each $10 donation you make, you can enter the drawing for one of […]