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California – San Francisco Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

City Sightseeing San Francisco Double Decker Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour-002

We used to live an hour’s drive from San Francisco, but my older two kids were too young to remember it and my youngest hadn’t been born yet, so I was looking forward to taking them to see the city again. One of my sisters lives nearby in Oakland and we stayed at her house. She was the one who recommended that we tour the city via a hop-on-hop-off bus. I Googled it and found that several companies offered these tours. It took a while to sort through them and figure out which company offered the most comprehensive tour. I […]

California – Muir Woods National Monument

Looking up at a redwood at Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument is home to a section of ancient coastal redwoods north of San Francisco and was named after conservationist John Muir.

Located just 16 miles north of San Francisco, it is a convenient spot to see coastal redwoods on a trip to San Francisco.

California’s coastal redwoods are the world’s tallest living things. The tallest one in Muir Woods is over 252 feet. The world’s tallest is in Redwood National Park, in the far north of California, and measures 379.1 feet. Redwoods live up to 2000 years and have a diameter up to 22 feet. […]

California – Gondola Cruises in Oakland

Angelino - owner of Gondola Servizio

We had been looking forward to our trip to California for a long time. It had been over 12 years since we’d moved back to Ohio from California. Our older two kids were too young to remember it and our youngest was born after we moved. We stayed at my sister’s house in Oakland for a few days while we explored the San Francisco Bay Area. For the day of our arrival, my sister planned a relaxing outing to Oakland’s Lake Merritt. First we had dinner at the Lake Chalet at the Lake Merritt Boathouse.

The restaurant has a […]