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Need a new year’s resolution?

The new year is now just days away, and you know what that means.  New year’s resolutions.  When thinking about new year’s resolutions, most people think of losing weight, exercising, or eating well.  How about a more fun kind of resolution that your whole family will enjoy? Why not resolve to visit at least one new state in the new year?  Which state have you been wanting to visit?


3 comments to Need a new year’s resolution?

  • Michelle Mitchell

    Looking forward to this blog! We are headed to Alaska for 11 nights in July 2012. We enjoyed your Christmas letter. Happy New Year!

  • Michelle Mitchell

    Also, we bought the National Parks Passport Book on our Honeymoon in 2000 and have been on a quest to get it stamped in every national park. This year we went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Wow. What a trip. After Alaska, we plan to head to the Pacific Northwest with the kids- rent a car in Seattle for a week and hit Olympic, etc.

  • Terri

    Michelle – so glad to have you as a reader. I can’t wait to hear about your trips too! We have the National Parks Passport too, except I often forget to bring it with us. So I end up stamping on a blank piece of paper to paste in the book when I get home.