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Kentucky – Train Robbery at the Kentucky Railway Museum

Kentucky Railway Museum Train Robbery Collage

Who takes their kids on a train ride in a region where there are outlaws on horseback rumored to be in the area? I do! If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that I love an adventure and this sounded like a really fun one. We headed to New Haven, Kentucky, about 14 miles south of Bardstown, to the Kentucky Railway Museum for this train excursion.

The Museum is located at the New Haven Train Station. It feels like you’re stepping back in time.

Of course you will want to arrive early so you […]

Kentucky – Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave Historic Tour 6

Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world, is located in Southwest Kentucky’s Cave Country. It has over 400 miles of surveyed passageways! That distinction definitely makes it worth a visit.

As with most national parks, the place to start is the Visitor Center. Inside you can watch an orientation film and explore exhibits that educate visitors about the geology of the area, types of cave passages, and animals found within the caves. I really liked the 3D model of the cave passages.

The Visitor Center is also the starting point for cave tours. I strongly […]

Kentucky – My Old Kentucky Home State Park

My Old Kentucky Home State Park

If you read my last post about The Stephen Foster Story, you may remember that this outdoor musical is performed in an amphitheater in My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown, Kentucky. Why there? Because Stephen Foster was the composer of My Old Kentucky Home, the state song of Kentucky. The home that inspired the song is real and was owned by distant relatives of Stephen Foster, who visited there once, it is believed. Although no one can be truly certain this is the home that the song was based on, that is the claim.

The home is […]

Kentucky – The Stephen Foster Story

The Stephen Foster Story 5

Bardstown, Kentucky, has long been known as the Bourbon Capital of the World. In 2012, it was also named the Most Beautiful Small Town in America by Rand McNally and USA Today. But what it probably isn’t known as is a place to take kids, so perhaps that is why they invited me and my kids to explore the family-friendly side of Bardstown. We saw several attractions in Bardstown and the attraction that tops my list is the long-running outdoor musical, The Stephen Foster Story.

Stephen Foster (1826-1864) is known as the Father of American Music. He was a […]

Kentucky – Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

Symbolic Log Cabin - Lincoln Birthplace NHP

To celebrate Presidents’ Day this year, I decided to take a look at the humble beginning of one our greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was born in a log cabin on Sinking Spring Farm on the Kentucky frontier near the current town of Hodgenville. The site is now a National Historical Park.

As with most national parks, I recommend starting in the Visitor Center. View a 15-minute film to learn about Abraham’s parents, Thomas and Nancy, where they came from, and about Abe’s early years in Kentucky.

After that, we perused the exhibits in the Visitor Center. The […]

Kentucky – Kentucky Museum

Duncan Hines Cake Mix exhibit at Kentucky Museum

When you think of great museums, Kentucky is probably not the first state that comes to mind. And yet, I’ve found that Kentucky has some real gems. My most recent find is the Kentucky Museum, on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. This three-floor museum has a wide variety of exhibits, including several that the kids will enjoy. To make it even more enjoyable for the kids, be sure to borrow a Museum Adventure Pack when you arrive.

It contains a Family Guide booklet with activities for kids and some other items kids can bring home […]

Kentucky – Bowling Green’s Historic Fountain Square

Historic Fountain Square - Bowling Green Kentucky

Last summer my kids and I had the opportunity to visit Bowling Green, Kentucky, for a weekend, courtesy of the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. I will be writing several articles about the places we visited. This is the first article, and also happens to be about the first place we visited: Fountain Square. This square is not only a landmark in the community, but the heart of the revitalized downtown area. The 2-acre square (which is actually a rectangle, as my kids would point out) is framed by College Street, Main Avenue, State Street, and Park Row. […]

Kentucky – Christmas at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville

KaLightoscope Elf

When I was invited to attend a Media Preview weekend for Christmas at the Galt House, I was thrilled, especially because kids were invited. As a family travel writer, it’s hard to do research without kids, and it’s not often that media invitations include them. As it turned out, only one of my kids didn’t have other activities scheduled, so instead I invited my co-author and one of her daughters to join us. I had stayed at the Galt House before, but not at Christmastime and I’d heard that it was terrific. The holiday cheer starts before you even check […]

Kentucky – Kentucky Science Center

Kentucky Science Center Arch

You know your kids are going to like a museum when they get hooked on an exhibit before they even enter the building. And that was the case with my kids at the Kentucky Science Center (formerly known as the Louisville Science Center). A giant parabolic mirror greets visitors outside the museum. We’ve visited this museum twice in the last couple years and both times I had a hard time pulling my kids away from the mirror.

Here’s the view looking into the mirror.

The museum has three floors and organizes exhibits by “worlds”–The World We Create, […]

Kentucky – Louisville MEGA Cavern – Underground zip lining and more

Bunny Zip at Louisville MEGA Cavern

Kentucky is known for its incredible cave country, but the Louisville MEGA Cavern isn’t that type of cave. This cavern is a former limestone mine with clever owners who keep finding new business opportunities for the cavern, including the world’s first and only underground zip line course, an underground Christmas light display, a tram tour, and the newest addition, a ropes course. In addition to the recreational businesses, the cavern is also used for recycling, storage of RV’s and PODS®, other businesses, and was equipped to be a nuclear fallout shelter during the Cold War.

I first visited the Louisville […]