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I'm Terri. I took my kids to all 50 states and I want to help you achieve the same goal. Learn more...

Alabama – Sand Castles

Chichen Itza Sandcastle

On our trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, last February, we had beautiful weather and my kids happily played on the beach for hours and hours. Naturally, when we planned a return trip this year, my kids expected the same kind of weather. Unfortunately, it was quite a bit colder than last year and rained pretty hard the first day of our trip. The second and third days were sunnier, but not warmer. That didn’t matter to my daughters who insisted on wearing their bathing suits anyway.

All of my kids, but especially my son, and my husband really enjoy building […]

Alabama – Seashells by the seashore


I still remember a conversation from many years ago when I was a newlywed and didn’t have any kids. One of my coworkers at the time had just taken his family to Florida on vacation and was telling me about it. Their trip had included Walt Disney World and other theme parks, along with a few days at the beach. On the way home, he and his wife asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was. Their answer was “looking for seashells on the beach.” He was flabbergasted that after all the money he had spent […]